Monday, January 17, 2011

What if the moon were made of green cheese? Wouldja eat it THEN?


Pretty much the worst word ever. I see the word gobble, I don't ever fucking want to eat again. And y'all, I LOVE to eat, but this word makes me want to join like ten pro-ana forums and get cracking on the whole cessation-of-food-consumption thing in earnest. So the power of this word is immense. Gobble. Yecccch.

I am aware of a terrible horrible disgustingly named restaurant called "Squat n' Gobble" or something very close to that -- I don't care if it's manned by eight past Iron Chefs under the leadership of Thomas Keller with motherfucking Anthony Bourdain as busboy, I'm not eating there. I won't do it.

The NYT yesterday had an article about South L.A. trying to close the door to more fast food restaurants, and some idiot copyeditor (do they even bother with those anymore?) allowed the writer to talk about this group of teenagers stopping by a Carl's Jr. on the way home from school to "gobble" a bunch of Western Bacon Chees, which nearly made me vomit.

It's such a gaggily evocative word, gobble. Siiiickening.

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Blogger Panda!!!! said...

I don't mind the word, but I used to live very close to one of the Squat N Gobble outposts. You're not missing anything.

3:38 PM  

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