Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three-fer Tuesday

Happy Fun Box
Battlestar Galactica: Written lately by Debbie Downer’s even darker cousin Freddy Fuckedup, this show is on FIRE with awesome. They are not screwing around. And I bet they don’t end the series by cutting to black like a bunch of punk-ass bitches, either.

Summertime Rolls
Do you know what makes a damn fine breakfast? An heirloom tomato sandwich. Or two.

Although I Guess it Means I'm Batting Like .800 So Shut Up
Proof that I probably wouldn’t do all that well on Jeopardy! or other time-sensitive quiz-type shows, even though I am just totes smartsk: I failed to come up with SIX of the 30 teams of Major League Baseball in five minutes on this quiz.

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