Monday, August 08, 2011

I might be a little young but honey, I ain't naive

So you guys know how much I love Burn Notice (specifically, I love it real hard, and a lot), but the mania for social media (something I deal with in the Day Gig, and which has become a phrase I can't stand) is out of control. In the commercial breaks, when one is not fast enough on the trigger, one will be assaulted with the promos for some online graphic novel they're pimping that's based on the show. It goes like this:

"ENGAGE WITH our graphic novel blah blah blah Burn Notice!"

Engage with. I'm being ordered to ENGAGE WITH a fucking graphic novel thingy ... I can just hear the meetings about (or "around," as is now the term) this idea. "We'll partner with this hot new artist, Joe Yadayada, to capture the buzz/cool factor of graphic novels combined with the cachet of exclusive content and really drive viewer engagement! The metrics'll be off the charts!" They forgot to even cover their naked ambition with some phrasing other than "engage with," which is a CorpComms term if ever there was one. GOD.

Engage this, y'all ...

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