Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fastest-growing non-poultry, non-coffee franchise in the whole of Southern California.

Three Business Names That Ought Not To Be, And Why Not:

Nothing Bundt Cakes: First, I hate puns. I think this is a pun, yeah? Secondly, in the attempt to be cute, you inadvertently (one hopes) denigrate your own product. Plus, it sounds stupid when you say it. So I won't. And I won't go there.

Buy Buy Baby: Wow, off-putting. I know the BIC (baby-industrial complex) exists to make expectant parents buy a whole bunch of shit they most likely don't need, but my god, the nakedness of it in this store's name! There's one near my new house, so me and the kid went to check it out ... hoo-faaaaaah. No es necesario.

Souper Crackers: Fictional -- and [spoiler alert!] as it turns out, non-viable, but still hilariously awful. Y'all really should watch that clip in the link -- why Shatner WHY did this show get canceled? There is no justice!

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Nothing Bundt Cakes.

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