Thursday, May 15, 2008

Proud to be a Californian

Today is a great day for my adopted state, y’all – our state supreme court, the first in the nation to scotch miscegenation laws, just handed down another historic decision: the right of same-sex couples to marry.

I am THRILLED to see this happen – and from a court composed of six Republican-nominated justices and one Democrat-appointed justice, no less! See? Equality doesn’t have to be a partisan issue! Isn’t that amazing?

I’ve never understood the “defense of marriage” people, at all. Defense, my ass. Have you looked at the divorce and domestic abuse rates among fundamentalist xtians lately? Mmm-hmm. And do these morons understand that no one’s going to force THEM to “gay marry”? (This is a phrase I’ve heard used as a verb, unfortunately but hilariously, in real life.) Two dudes or two chicks getting married has exactly the same to do with MY marriage as any other marriage on Planet Earth: less than fuck-all. So what’s the big issue?

It’s two things, closely intertwined: religion and bigotry. The religion part is easy to solve: keep the church ceremony part – the one that you believe matters to big-g God – to y’all’s ownselves like the nice FLDS folk on Big Love. Don’t want to let gays marry in your church? Fine. But you don’t get to keep the state’s goodies to yourselves too, assholes. (Remember? Separation of church and state?) As for bigotry, nothing I can do about that personally, except call every single bigot on it every time I see it displayed. And believe you me, I will.

Of course, the God Squad is on the case already – they got a petition going, with 1.1 million alleged signatures on it, to try to force a constitutional amendment onto the ballot this November. And if that happens, I’ll be working my little hetero heart out to defeat it.

Let freedom ring!


UPDATE: George Takei, whom I have come to love via his appearances on Howard Stern, has a beautiful and eloquent post on the subject on his website. How can people read something like this and not relent, even a little?
The California Supreme Court has ruled that all Californians have a fundamental right to marry the person he or she loves. Brad and I have shared our lives together for over 21 years. We've worked in partnership; he manages the business side of my career and I do the performing. We've traveled the world together from Europe to Asia to Australia. We've shared the good times as well as struggled through the bad. He helped me care for my ailing mother who lived with us for the last years of her life. He is my love and I can't imagine life without him. Now, we can have the dignity, as well as all the responsibilities, of marriage. We embrace it all heartily.

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Blogger Twelve said...

I am so proud of your state's Supremes too. I read the opinion (well, most of it anyway) and it almost made me proud to be of the law-talking persuasion again.

My favorite bigot-ism is the argument that gay folks shouldn't be allowed to adopt/have kids because children need both a mom and a pop to have a chance of becoming a Good Citizen. Yet these same asshats don't appear to have a problem with allowing a widow(er) to continue raising her/his children without the influence of the other-gendered parent.

WTF, asshats? Advocate taking the kids of a Iraq-conflict widow away for proper raising, and then we can talk.

7:45 AM  
Blogger bgirl said...

And by closely-intertwined, I assume you mean: "the same damn thing." Pretty much any "religious" argument against gay marriage or homosexuality in general has been "based" on untrue or misinterpreted "biblical" references which are your standard manipulations to promote bigotry and fear. Similar to how God doesn't want black people to marry whites and communists are agents for the devil and if the Dallas Cowboys win the Superbowl again, it is God's plan...although that last one might be true.

8:09 AM  

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