Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A note on pronunciation

I realize that I used the phrase, "Oh my," in my most recent post, and that I kind of do that fairly often. It probably looks stoopid to the uninitiated, like something your Great-Aunt Myrtle says when she finds something terribly shocking, such as seeing a young man who has long hair, "like a girl."
But when I say it -- or write it -- I'm saying it in the voice of the immortal George Takei, the way he does a dozen times during every appearance on Howard Stern (which has been my wake-up radio voice every morning since 1993). It is AWESOME, these two words in his deep, cultured voice, with the emphasis on "oh" and the drawn out "myyy."

I'm powerless to stop saying (writing) it, so let's all please agree to hear it that way.
Takei rules.

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