Friday, April 19, 2013

Reader, I married him.

Mr. Gleemonex wrote this in an email to our group of friends* today, and DK Folk, I want you to know: This is proof that a 21-year relationship must, in fact, be built on shared values. And that these are ours.

The Phil Collins video they link to in the article is awesome.
It's got it all. Ridiculously awesome stage. White People. White People always feeling the need to clap to the beat during a live performance even when it detracts from the experience. White People REALLY passionate about Phil Collins; it is on their FACES. The awesome Phil Collins outfit. The awesome Phil Collins headset. Leland Sklar on Bass. As always, Leland Sklar's awesome beard. Minutes upon minutes of build up. THE DRUM FILL. AWESOME. Or at this point we should just call that one THE DRUM PHIL.

*We've had this yahoo group of about a dozen of us for ... I think about 14 years now. We send links, commentary, hilarity, Your Mom stuff, and whatnot a few times a day. It keeps one's humours regulated, one's outlook jaunty, and one's step springy. 



Blogger francine said...

JEALOUS! this is awesome. obviously, he must be a lucky man to have you but i can see here you two are lucky to have each other!

10:23 AM  

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