Friday, April 05, 2013

Frontier Ruckus aka Those Kids From Your High School German Club

Potpourri Friday

Laughing myself STUPID at this thread, sent to me by Mr. Gleemonex -- the comments section of an Onion AV club feature where dumb bands cover songs. I didn't watch the video, I fucking hate video, but the comments are GOLD. And I love the names -- holy Shatner do clever people come up with clever comment handles!*

The Americans. If you are into the great TV dramas of the moment -- Walking Dead, Justified, that sort of thing -- this is the show for you, my friends. I cannot get it out of my head. It's fantastic. The credit sequence alone ought to be in the Museum of Television. And now I want to gay-marry Keri Russell, whom I previously hadn't thought much about (Felicity missed me by miles and miles, although I really did like her in that movie about pies with the most wonderful lady in entertainmentland, Cheryl Hines). She is -- wow. She's something else -- wiry, catlike, cold and twisted but full of pain and rage and odd warmth in strange ways. I absolutely believe her character and motivations -- I forget I'm watching TV. For real.

So have we decided -- we, humanity, the human race -- that we're just ... sort of ... not going to talk about this or touch it in any way? I'm serious: What in the GODDAMN HELL-FUCK is this shit? George W. Bush is spending his retirement painting awkward shit and weirding everyone out and making us look back upon his eight years of incompetent, homicidal jackoffery with even more astonishment and horror? And we don't have a 24-hour cable channel devoted solely to this subject and how eye-poppingly fucked up this all is? Just a couple of Gawker posts and some people going, "Well ... so that happened. Um. Yeah, so. Uhh. Anyway."

Roger Ebert, y'all. Damned sorry to lose him.

*The Invisible Handjob, Stupid Sexy Flanders, Michael Pemulis, The Balltease Falcon, The Thin White Duke Ellington, Paul Kinsey, Preparation Heche, Victor Mature, emund hillary clinton, etc.

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