Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A thing I did this morning, because Jane Doe could've been my HS classmate

One of my million political tumblrs posted a request made by the family of Steubenville's Jane Doe for any donations to go to Madden House, a women's shelter near her. So I did that, and if you are so moved, there's the link -- each donation, even if it's one dollar, shows this girl that we support her and we hear her.

Now, beyond my disgust at humanity in general and those vile sociopaths who raped Jane Doe in particular, the reason I donated was: Jane Doe could've been my high school classmate. Yours too. Any of ours, really -- another day, another child rape by star teenage athletes, another round of victim-blaming and lamenting the unfairly blighted futures of these wonderful young men.

And it's that last that really gets me -- the town gathering these wastes of carbon to its bosom, defending them, screaming abuse at the victim. She's a whore, a liar, a slut who just wants to ruin these guys' lives. What the FUCK.

In my high school, football players were gods. They could've gotten away with anything. A stern talking-to from the coach and/or running some bleachers till they puked, and all's well. I don't know if anything this serious ever happened (we didn't have phone cams and Facebook back then -- just dirty rumors and whisper campaigns), but I have the sick feeling that if it did, and the news got out, my own family -- and up to a certain age, when I started to get conscious of things around me -- even I might've sided with the rapists. That culture -- football is everything, MEN are everything; the players deserve this hero worship, this godlike treatment, the right to take whatever they wanted from all the people around them. Maybe it's harmless, like that hilarious/awkward moment in S1 of Friday Night Lights where Matt, on a date with Julie, thinks "QB1" doesn't have to pay for movie tickets. But maybe it's more. She shouldn't have gone to that party. She shouldn't have been drinking. She shouldn't have flirted, she shouldn't have left the house so casually in possession of a vagina -- how stupid of her! Boys are boys, it was all in good fun, right? Why's this whorebag slut so sensitive? Why does she want to ruin our boys' lives?

Puke till I'm dry, puke some more. Dry heave. Ugh.



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seriously. amen.

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