Friday, April 26, 2013

I can barely see the road, with all the heat comin' off

Now that I've cooled off a bit from the whole Boston thing ... 

A Selection of Things Around and About the 5K Race I Ran Two Weeks Ago

Among the racers who blew my doors off:
--A lady pushing a TRIPLE stroller (filled with three 2.5-year-olds eating granola bars)
--A group of high school girls
--A guy pushing a stroller
--An eight-year-old girl (BRIEFLY!)
--Several women significantly older than me

Racers whose doors I, in turn, blew off: 
--A fair number of high school/college aged kids
--The "Runnin' for the Wine at the Finish Line!" glitter-T-shirt gals
--Several senior citizen ladies and gentlemen
--Most of the stroller-pushers
--That goddamned eight-year-old. SMAAAASH!!!

My results: 
--10th place in the 30-39 division

Where that time would've put me in the 40-49 division I'll be in next year: 

What I felt like, as I was running: 
--Linda Hamilton in T2 (looks), the entire Polyphonic Spree (joy)

What I actually looked like in the two official race photos I was in, taken along the course: 
--A manatee wearing a hilarious "human" costume for manatee Halloween

Likelihood of me participating in this or any other run-racing event, if you had asked me at any time in the previous 39.25 years of my life: 

Likelihood of me doing this and many other run-racing events again and again until my hip flexors spontaneously combust or my entire family stages an intervention: 

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Anonymous Jane Ann said...

I ran my first marathon this weekend.* It rained the entire time. I left my upper layer of skin along the race route. It was horrible and I can't wait to do it again. What is wrong with runners?**

*The joke goes, "How do you know someone ran a marathon? Don't worry they'll tell you." I want to tell everyone with ears.

**Proud of you for running. KEEP GOING.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! Go, Jane Ann!! That's awesome!

About the joke -- I manage to work the sentence "I'm training for a half-marathon" into about 85% of all my conversations these days, so I totally get that. ha!

This is crazy, what we do ... so let's do some more of it!

1:16 PM  

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