Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Foursquare Tuesday

Random bits of this, that, and the other thing:

--On last night’s Cuddy-centric House episode (no spoilers): I didn’t mind them straying from the formula, and it was interesting to get her side of the story. But a few things:
1) Those blouses, my god. Her funbags are RIGHT OUT THERE. You can practically see the nipular region. People, this is not workwear, not even in California, not even for a girl fresh out of college who doesn’t know any better yet and doesn’t have much to lose – for a professional woman at the height of her career, among people whom she wants to take her seriously, it is RIDICULOUS. I’m not saying it’s not hot – and I know this is a teevee show, all right? I’m just saying, the Dean of Medicine should not dress like she works at Wet Seal.
2) I am troubled by how many opportunities this gave the show to call her a bitch. I get that a woman in her position probably is not unused to being called bitch, but it … felt a little like “Hey, here’s your big episode, bitch. What? Powerful women get called ‘bitch’ all the time, right?” An excuse to do, in context, what they sort of wanted to do all along. Yuck.
3) With regard to that “professional woman at the height of her career” stuff: This is what she busted her ass her entire life for? To take flak from all sides, to be constantly harangued and bullied and importuned, to have no time for her kid or her boyfriend or her yoga or her fucking lunch? Nothing is worth that kind of life, to me. No amount of money, no amount of power or prestige. Fuck that noise.

--Indeed yes, good sir: the stone cold truth about apostrophes.

--A short story which is not for everybody. Woof. I warn you, this one will stay with you. You’ll think about it at four a.m., you’ll think about it on the bus, you’ll get a shiver of dread down the spine out of nowhere on a clear blue day.

--A little bit of how I’m feeling in my professional life these days, courtesy of the true-Jesus geniuses at Married to the Sea:

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Blogger Uncle Spike said...

Man. Thanks for the link. Considering my blog is called the Land of the Misplaced Apostrophes, I can't pass this one up.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

hee! it is awesome, isn't it? I half thought you mighta written it ...

2:48 PM  

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