Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scary spice

Two more things, Internets:

1) I bet there are some fucking kickass parties at Rip Torn's house. I mean like Van Halen backstage in 1984 kickass.

2) California, goddamn, I love ya, you know that, but seriously -- what's with those scary-ass warnings all over the vinegar & salad dressing shelves in my goddamn supermarket? Y'all, I was just gettin me some red wine vin to make my awesome shallot vinaigrette, and all over the place there's these little cards all of a sudden: PROP 65 WARNING: THE BALSAMIC VINEGARS AND RED WINE VINEGARS ON THESE SHELVES CONTAIN LEAD, A PRODUCT KNOWN TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO CAUSE BIRTH DEFECTS AND OTHER REPRODUCTIVE HARM. Had me googling on my iPhone right there in the aisle to find out WTF, and if that's true why they still sellin it to innocent old lead-avoidant me -- turns out you'd have to drink like six gallons a day to even reach this minuscule threshhold for damage, so I went ahead and bought the shit, but ... holy marinated Shatner, why you gotta scare a girl like that?

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Blogger Twelve said...

You California hippies with your crazy propositions. Don't you people know that direct democracy doesn't work? Here in Illinois, we let Government wash over us like a filthy wave. It's worked out pretty well.

Salisbury is the next small town down the road from my high school. I can't believe Rip Torn got arrested. He was probably just there to do some banking. Uptight wankers.

10:07 AM  

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