Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remember the one with Charlie Sheen on the cover, waist-deep in a swimming pool, and in the article it became clear he was kind of a dick?

Oh, Sassy!!!

Scans! of the actual pages and covers! The Internets have finally invented a wayback machine that works!

God you guys, this new tumblr is KILLING me. Anybody who wants to know what the little basic nuggets of my heart and mind are made of, how my personality was formed, what is the secret ingredient in the essence that is my humanity -- read it. Sassy came to me at a most crucial, vulnerable time in my life, and it could not have been more important to me at that time. I mean -- oh Shatner just go read these.


PS: Berwie: Remember that ski trip we went on with your dad that time, and we took like thirty Sassys for cabin downtime reading? That was awesome.

PPS: Other reasons it was awesome: 1)Your dad bought us drinks once -- ice cream drinks with about a thimbleful of Bailey's or something, after we badgered him for like TWO HOURS and he was finally all OK GODDAMMIT NOW YOU KIDS SHUT UP. 2)You kept stopping us on the mountain to smoke. I am sure we looked pretty cool to all the hot guys, and the only reason they just passed us by without a word was that we were too cool for them and they knew it.

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Blogger Lindsay said...

OHMYGOD. You just made my month. This is AMAZEBALLS!!!! I have a stack of about 30 Sassy mags in storage, including some of the ones on the site. I live in South Korea and I've fantasized more than once about going through them. Now I have this! I am in heaven!!!

1:23 AM  

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