Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday awesomeness

And on a completely different note -- I have a new thing that is deeply annoying to Mr. Gleemonex but makes me laaaaaaaugh and laugh and laugh: I make him stop the TiVo whenever I see this commercial flit past in superspeed, because godDAMN with the sock monkey getting a tat and the Yo Gabba Gabba thingy (the one that looks, as Sundry once said, “like a marital aid”) and the bowling and shit – and I have this whole little dance I do while I watch it, and I sing “how ya like me now?” all the time and I just fucking love the idea that a random collection of kids’ toys have this whole sentient dreamlife (which, ironically, is something that used to worry me when I was little, the idea that my stuffed animals were Aware and that it hurt their feelings if I played with one and not others, and it actually kind of turned into a small phobia and that’s why when I was eight or so I just moved all of them out of my room at once and didn’t get any more stuffed animals after that) but ANYWAY – holy crap do I love this commercial.

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Blogger Guinness74 said...

Saw this commercial last night (again!) after reading your post and got a pretty good laugh from it myself. I didn't get the "How ya like me now?" reference until last night...apparently I wasn't listening to the music. The bad thing is, other than a generic vehicle, I have no idea what is being advertised. Still, it's a great commercial.

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