Monday, November 30, 2009

Five happinesses

Caprica. Holy crap, what good stuff! BSG fans, if you haven't seen this -- a prequel to the rebooted BSG series -- you are missing out. AWE.SOME. Incidentally, it contains not only Trixie from Deadwood, but also Eric Stoltz, who has aged quite well (though not as well as his silvering fox castmate Esai Morales, hey now!).

Organix Teatree Mint shampoo. Get you some at Target. It’s, um, organic, and sulfate free and all kinds of good stuff, plus smells like Andes Candies, and gets your actual head clean (not just the hair). Which reminds me:

Andes Candies. Love these things. Such a satisfying tactile thing they got going on, like tiny little gold ingots (in green paper). And they’re delicious! Just don’t give me that auslander shit with those other flavors. Mint or die. And speaking of delicious:

Bourbon pecan pie. Made it for the first time ever, for Thanksgiving. Home run, y’all. Bourbon bourbon bourbon. I love bourbon. And pie.

The Whale That Ate Jaws. Fuckin Great White shark cruisin the Farallones for easy-peasy sea lion snaxx, thinks he’s the shit and ain’t nobody can step up on him. Fuckin killer whale’s all, hey man, I just ate like four sea lions already, bro, but guess what? BOOM! She T-bones the shark, flips him & puts him into TONIC IMMOBILITY, carries him around in her jaws for fifteen minutes while tourists are all OMG did you see that? Waits till shark’s dead, rips out its liver, leaves the rest of it to the gulls! And just like when Omar’s back in town, all the lil stoop kids clear out … sharks left town and didn’t come back for YEARS. Fucking AWESOME!

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Blogger francine said...

e. stoltz will always be yummy to me. as an organix user, i second the teatree. much better than even the mandarin and the pomegranate. was craving mint today so the husband and i bought bluebell's peppermint flavor since it's in season. YUM. and i saw the orca vs. great white description on the guide and dvr'd it- glad i won't be disappointed!

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Betsy said...

Bourbon! We drove by this beauty last weekend but didn't stop to tap it:

5:09 PM  

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