Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Ben, kids! Parliament!

Things Mister Chatty Motherfucker Enjoys Pouring Out Of His Chat-Hole Onto Whatever Luckless Bastard Of A Seatmate He Has Cornered For The Duration, In Full Earshot Of Our African-American, Union-Member Regular Bus Driver: A Partial List

1) Unions, and how they’re choking to death not only this particular bus line entity, but all enterprise of any kind anywhere, and how if the companies were allowed to hire contractors everything would be ship-shape. (He actually said ship-shape.)

2) How “this guy” (with a gesture toward our driver) was “only about 10 minutes late today,” which is “better than most of these guys.”

3) How Obama could fix this situation with our bus line (slated for permanent discontinuance in December) if he wanted to, but he won’t.

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