Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's really laughable

Things that are never not funny


--the last name McCracken

--this video

--the six original mini-eps of Tenacious D

--little figurines of Jesus making a jackass of Himself in little kids' sports games

--referring to someone’s mouth as their cake-hole, yam-hole, or pie-hole

--Bill O’Reilly falling for a fake Howard Stern-related phone call on air and going, “WELL, Mister Meehoffer!” (Guess what the caller’s alleged first name was.)

--Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV’s itsy bitsy running shorts

--the handsome face of Derek Jeter

--Top Gun

--the thought of that time during an Algebra II test when, during a period of total silence as we all worked on word problems, CF raised his hand and said “Coach C.? What’s the fastest anyone’s ever ridden a bicycle?”

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Blogger francine said...

i just pictured that last one in my head and laughed outloud. man, some of the best belly laughs i got were in school.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Twelve said...

The kid wearing the red jersey in the Jesus football statue is so going to hell. WhoTF tackles Jesus? Sure, He'll laugh and say it's all in good fun, but He's LYING.

I wish those statues cost just a little less, 'cause I kind of need them for my office.

10:38 AM  
Blogger bgirl said...

Me too, francine. Me too.

7:42 AM  

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