Thursday, March 08, 2007

Heretofore unrecognized benefits of outhouses

So beginning at around noon, all of downtown San Francisco was without water for an hour or so today. Seems the city was working on some reservoir something-or-other, and neglected to account for “high” water usage rates … in midday … in the downtown and financial district … which is full of offices … full of people … who generally need a restroom and/or other water service sometime around noonish on a Thursday.

An announcement came over my building’s PA system telling us there is no water service, and — get this — “DO NOT USE WATER, INCLUDING TOILETS, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.”

Here it is, 2:46, and they still haven’t told us any different. Allegedly the water is back on, and the chuckleheads responsible for the whole debacle are going to try doing their little work project some other time (like at NIGHT), but seeing as how I’m on a high floor, the water pressure’s not yet back up to flushin’ level in our neck of the woods, and people are starting to bug out a little.

Good times. Good times.



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