Friday, February 23, 2007

Hijacked democracy at prices so low, they're INSAAANE!

This one's from a reader tip, folks -- the news that you, too, can buy a bunch of e-voting machines for what's left after buying a round at Starbucks for the gang on your way back from your morning trip to the ATM.

All the silly-ass excuses the proponents of these machines throw out -- they're encrypted! they're sealed! no one has access to the machines! the code is secure and sooper sekrit, we swear! what you see on the screen is totally your vote, and will be recorded and reported as such, honest Injun, just trust us! -- were completely laid waste by a bunch of Princeton kids in a matter of minutes, working on machines bought by their professor over the Internets.

So yeah, I'm sleepin' real easy over Election 2008 -- you?



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