Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bitch, please

I can't get outraged over this shit -- it just annoys me and wears me out. Two items of note today:

--Some NY legislator with a nanny complex and no dumbass filter wants to ban people using iPods and cell phones in crosswalks. What are we supposed to do, take them off and fold them up every time we get to a fuckin street corner? How are you planning to police this? Doesn't NYC have a couple or three slightly more pressing problems than idiots who think the laws of physics (i.e. human vs. automobile) don't apply to them when they're in their invisible happy place with a phone or music?

--Ooooh, naughty, naughty Prince! That silhouetted part of his performance (which by the way, was fucking cool -- in fact, the whole thing RAWKED) -- the one where his guitar sorta looked like it was coming out of his junkular region as if it were long, curved, pointy, barbed, erect junk? LET'S ALL FREAK RIGHT THE FUCK OUT! THINK OF THE CHILLLLDRRENNNNNNN! MY EEEEEYYYEES! NOW I AM IMPURE AND WON'T GET IN TO HEAVEN! OH, THE HUMANITY!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah for more laws!
Can't you already count the additional budget revenue generated from all those tickets.

2:53 PM  

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