Thursday, February 22, 2007

The knights who say "Niii!"

Prince Harry, son of Diana and Charles, third in line for the British throne, has not only graduated from Sandhurst, an elite military academy, but is now headed for service in Iraq.

Chew on that one, Bush twins. And his dad didn’t even start this war, you useless bitches.

Maybe he’ll get a relatively cushy assignment, but the dude was trained as a fuckin tank commander, and is likely to be sent on recon missions — and besides, he’ll be serving, on the ground, in Iraq. IRAQ. And word is, he won’t get any special protection (partly because to do so would be to write “HIGH PROFILE TARGET” in giant red neon above his and his unit’s heads).

Now, this is a guy who really never has to do anygoddamnthing with himself in his whole life; HE IS A FUCKING PRINCE. He could, if he wanted, just sit on his ass in one of his family’s palaces, diddling the servants and getting shitfaced on champagne at the occasional charity whatnot until he dies. Prince Harry chose to do this insane shit — not drafted, not forced by his family (in fact, they’d’ve considered his military obligation pretty much fulfilled just by him going to Sandhurst, if he’d wanted it so), not coerced in any way.

Pretty ballsy, no?

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Blogger bgirl said...

it ALMOST makes up for the nazi halloween costume. wait, no it doesn't. well, maybe a little.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Oh shit, I forgot about that, bgirl, and I was really disgusted and pissed off about it at the time (and now!) -- ugggggh. DEFINITE points off.

9:09 AM  

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