Friday, March 16, 2007

Game day: Wait, is Delaware a state?

I'm taking a break from watching my NCAA tournament bracket get its nuts crushed. Wanna play a game?

First, from the brilliant Hip Hop Lawyer, a movie game I'm surprisingly bad at (being a lifelong movie addict and a degreed Film Studies student, eh wot): Invisibles. They show you a movie still, with the faces and any bare body parts removed -- it's just their clothes, hats and eyewear standing there -- and you guess the movie. I warn you -- it's a lot of fun, and an unbelieveable timesuck.

Second, from Pop Culture Junk Mail, another quiz thing I'm not quite as good at as I thought I should be: From the second you click on this link, you have 10 minutes to type the names of all 50 states. They can be in any order, but you have to spell them right. I blazed through the first 20 or so, squeezed a few more out of the swiss cheese of my brain, blazed a dozen more, and then got UTTERLY STUCK at 44 for the last three whole minutes. I missed six states. Oi. If you do it, tell me how you did -- and what your method was. I started with the Eastern seaboard, hit the west coast, then my home state and its neighbors, then just kind of went rando.

And finally, not a game, but the most awesome snippet I've read on the Internets in the last couple of days: From the always- kickass Out of Character, a word about biscotti:
Like biting into a licorice-flavored pumice stone. And sometimes they'd dress it up, disguise it like a cookie and I'd fall for it only to find myself cracking a tooth on a licorice-flavored pumice stone coated in brown wax.

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Blogger HHL said...

Well, I tried the state thing. Sat there for the last 3:30 with 3 left, and did not ever get them. Damn you, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island!

I started on the west coast, and tried to go smoothly eastward. I was up to the new england states before I remembered alaska and hawaii. Not sure why I couldn't think of those three particular ones. Rhode Island I understand, but not the other two. Fun game!

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Chelsea said...

I got them all within 2 minutes, but that's purely due to patriot brainwashing from my childhood. My elementary school taught each child this song with the 50 states in alphabetical order. We sang it at the end of the year talent show in the cafeteria. Every time I sing it, I can still smell burnt tater tots.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Ha! I have a similar thing with the capitals of the countries of South America ...

11:57 AM  

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