Monday, May 06, 2013

But, what the hell? Anybody who wanders around the world saying, "Yes, I'm from Texas," deserves whatever happens to him.

Yesterday marks 15 years since Mr. Gleemonex and I became official residents of California. That was the day we parked our U-Haul at his sister's apartment complex in the Silicon Valley and walked into the middle of her birthday party. We stayed there for a couple of months -- Shatner bless her and our BIL for their generosity -- while we hunted down jobs and an apartment in San Francisco. To mark this happy anniversary, I give you: 

A Partial List of Things About and Around Our 15 Years In California So Far

Reasons We Chose San Francisco
--It sounded cool
--It was a city, but was not NYC, which we both loved but needed a break from
--There were a shit-ton of jobs available
--Neither of us has ever lived there before
--It was about as far, in every kind of way, from Texass as we could get
--Mr. Gleemonex's sister lived nearby and could provide a home base at first

Length of Time We Expected to Stay in California
--"a couple of years"

People Added to Our Family 
--Kid Gleemonex
--Danger Baby
--Nephew B
--Niece A
--Sister-in-Law J
--my Surprise Adult Half-Brother

People We've Lost
--my father
--my paternal grandfather
--my paternal grandmother
--my maternal grandfather
--my maternal grandmother
--Mr. G's great-uncle L.

Years, Out of That 15, That We Have Been Married

Percentage of Our Friends Here Who Came Into Our Lives Via Mr. G's First CA Full-Time Gig
--about 70%

Number of IPOs We Have Experienced In Companies We Were Employed By
--Or maybe three, one was a spinoff from a Biiiig Co., and Mr. G doesn't recall if there was an IPO

Addresses We Have Had
--SIL's apartment (3 months)
--the tiny, wonderful SF apartment in North Beach/Fisherman's Wharf (6 years)
--the little house on the edge of the continent, just south of the city (7 years)
--the big house in the burbs (2 years)

Presidential Candidates For Whom We Have Voted
--Al Gore
--John Kerry
--Barack Obama
--Barack Obama

How We and the Kansas Kartel Phrased It When People Asked Us If We Were American, On Our Trip to Europe In 2006 (Bush Years): 
--"Yes -- from San Francisco!"

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Blogger francine said...

2 cities that always make me happy: san francisco and austin! and as far away as i ran to college and afterward away from tx, i've always regretted i never lived in austin. but i think it's more like i wanted to live there when i was 18-23. san francisco is still another dream city of mine.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

SF really is kind of a dream city, a toy city -- lovely to look at (mostly), full of oddities, so in love with itself that it's kind of obnoxious sometimes. It was always such a high, when we would drive home from SFO back into the city, to see it laid out before us from the highway. Austin, I love -- I could have been very happy there, I think, but when I chose Columbia over UT, I sort of felt like that ship sailed for me. Not that I could never do it, but -- I'd be an Old, with Money (relatively speaking), and not a broke-ass student, so the experience would be entirely different. Selah!

11:40 AM  

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