Friday, April 06, 2012

Also, an entire paragraph of the letters WTF

Things I Wrote in a Notebook During Meetings In the Two Weeks I Have Been Back at Work, In Which I Remember Neither the Meetings, Nor Writing These Things During Them, Which -- What the Hell Is Wrong With Me?

AROUND does not equal ABOUT
these are not the same words
and no matter how many times you say
AROUND instead of ABOUT
it will not make it so
[circled several times, with arrows for emphasis]

Avada Kedavra

Catalog deep dive

I [heart] the way IT ppl dress

STFU Overtalkers

spent 2 hrs this afternoon under Cruciatus Curse
[beside drawing of stick figure in pain]

[drawing of little birdie with three worms in its beak]

[bulleted list]
*yes! Let's establish some more approvals and processes!
*must be able to measure on our goals
*The accountability piece
*christ I forgot how much I hate you

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