Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cause I'm sick of your mouth and your two-percent milk

Three Things To Delight And Surprise

Looks way too skinny to be durable, according to the baseball prospectus in 1996 (about the all-time saves recordholder and future Hall-of-Famer, now 41 and still lights-out). I think all writing ought to be like the writing in this here document, forever and ever.

--Jo: There's a blog I read called A Cup of Jo. I kind of love her -- fresh, sweet, interesting, full of gorgeousness. It's almost always an upper for me. But then a small and ugly part of me sometimes kind of hates how fabulous she is; surely the Germans have a word for this conflicting emotion. ACOJ never approaches Gwyneth-flavor smugness -- she's not that way, at all. But everything is so perfect, so design-y; her friends are all these wealthy-looking work-at-home-in-fabulous-cities types; there always happen to be professional-quality photos of professional-quality photo-ready Perfect Moments ... it just (through no real fault of hers) sometimes manages to make me feel bad for eating takeout for dinner and watching TV on the couch instead of biking across the Brooklyn Bridge for a lovely dinner with some lovely friends at a lovely little bistro, you know?

--ROWE: We bout to do this up in my work, y'all. End of this month. HOLY SHITCAKES.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROWE? Whoa.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Sana H said...

I would not read A Cup of Jo - that shit is counter-therapeutic, even if you do get some good decorating ideas out of it. Even browsing through it very casually made me gag. Yes, she may be sweet and nice and all things lovely, but fuck, it's fake. You are (as someone said in the 9/11 post comments) brilliant and amazing. And if I could choose between a bistro brunch with her and a tv dinner with you on your couch, I wouldn't even hesitate before choosing the latter, and counting myself lucky to have the chance.

And you bet everything isn't perfect. She paints that picture for a living - Martha Stewart type of living. It's a brand, not fabulousness.

7:54 PM  

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