Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you have a problem / yo I'll solve it

A few things that make me feel stabby:

--This list from a blog off of sfgate, allegedly the 15 "magic words" that help get you hired in today's wintry job climate:

1 Leadership

2 Interpersonal

3 Problem solving

4 Motivated

5 Efficient

6 Detail oriented

7 Prioritize

8 Teamwork

9 Reliable

10 Multi-task

11 Time management

12 Passionate

13 Listening

14 Outgoing

15 Honesty

--The news item that that little pinhead twit Zuckerberg is allegedly "worth more" than Steve Jobs. That is so ridiculous, it actually OFFENDS me. "Worth?" What the fuck does that guy make? He tripped and fell ass-backward into something and it blew up and rained thousand-dollar bills all over him, and for what? So I can know that my husband's high school girlfriend is ovulating, and that some guy I worked with three jobs ago is Heavy Into The Jesus now? Fuck you.

--The "younger" tribe on Survivor. Goddammit, you pack of pretty morons, do you realize how fucking stupid it is to be PROUD of the simple biological fact that you are YOUNGER than someone else?

And one that makes me laaaaaaaaaugh and laugh to myself like a lunatic, probably tap-dancing on everyone else's last fucking nerve:

--If the walls of that one empty office could talk, they'd tell an extremely baroque tale of HR catastrophies-in-situ, desperate backstabbings, rug-pullings and under-bus-throwings, and clandestine use of company space to seek new employment elsewhere ...

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Blogger Panda!!!! said...

That list, is it for real? SF Chronicle, thanks for the inspired and hard-hitting journalism!

I really, really want to know about that last thing...

5:01 PM  

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