Monday, September 13, 2010

I like my coffee black. Like my men.

Monday Awesomeness Roundup

--Beyond the Lighted Stage: Rush documentary. Y'all, it would be hard to find a band whose music connects less with me ... but I loved this! That's the measure of a good documentary, y'all. Thanks to Our Lebowski for bringing it to the party.

--Black coffee. I took yet another cue from BlabberMouse (from whom I take most of my cues, to the point of if she lived any closer than on the opposite side of the entire country like she does, it might cross the line into some sort of stalkerazzi-impersonation type of thing so maybe this is for the best) and have been trying to lessen the grip of the Demon Sugar on my life. First up: the creamy delicious sugarbomb beverage I have known all my days as "coffee." I have slowly crept up, over the years, to about three tablespoons of raw sugar in a regular cup of joe (plus a generous dash of half-and-half). Not teaspoons, TABLESPOONS. It had to stop, and stop it did. Cold. I'm not saying never again, but: Not now.

--Mad Men. Again, yes. Always.

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Anonymous Blabbermouse said...

Right back out you. I feel an equal rush of stalkertude when I think about visiting your neck of the woods. It will happen one day. We will meet in the flesh and trumpets will sound.

As for the sugar, it gets easier. After six months off it, I even managed to have a slice of birthday cake and go right back to my sugarless ways.

10:26 AM  

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