Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Just ... shake it around until it shoots ... puffs of dust."

Enough Bitchin – Time For “Fun Shit, Lately!”

Party Down: You won me over with your casting of the comic genius that is Martin “Bill” Starr. Then you added Ken Marino (one of the gay demons from the late, lamented Reaper), Jane Lynch (well, until she left for Glee), Lizzy Caplan, and that idiotic blond guy whose name I can’t recall, add in some of the tightest, funniest writing in modern television, and goddamn, you got a near-perfect half-hour show that takes about an hour to watch because I have to keep pausing it because I’m laughing my fucking FACE off – how in the hell did Starz produce something this awesome?

Fridays off: My department is taking Fridays off for July. This is FANTASTIC and I highly recommend you do the same.

Tempera paint: Pretty much the funnest art/craft item ever (so tactile! so vibrant! so efficient an olfactory wayback machine to elementary school!), and it’s washable! Even off of toddler faces and linoleum kitchen floors!

Driving to Trader Joe’s at 7:50 in the a.m. on a Sunday, kid in the backseat, both singing along at top volume to George Harrison’s What Is My Life on the “Breakfast with the Beatles” show on Sirius.

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