Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nobody drink the beer, the beer has gone bad!

Internets: Hey, Gleemonex!

Gleemonex: Sup!

Internets: You mean, besides the LOST finale?

Gleemonex: Yeah. [moment of silence]

Internets: [wiping away a tear] Ahem. So. Just one quick question. Take your mind off things.

Gleemonex: Shoot.

Internets: Do you think it would be possible to pack any more douchebaggery into one brief LTTE, whether it was to the Hometowne Bugle-Noisemaker or not? Read, weep:

Cheers for [fellow ignorant letter-scrawling teabagging motherscratcher] and his ability to rebut inferior logic and plain old illogic as is evidenced by his latest letter against the putrid raving and ranting of the most obnoxious left wing regular in your paper's viewpoint section.

As native Americans, his people met the boats of the first immigrants. This should qualify him to attend, organize and speak at a patriotic gathering and label it a tea party. Also, it should permit him to define his intentions without some itinerant soothsayer attempting to mislabel his true intentions.I nominate his latest epistle for letter of the year honors.

Gleemonex: Nope. I think that's max capacity right there.

Internets: [vomits a little in its own mouth] Yup. Boy, does that bunch like their thesaurii.

Gleemonex: Using words like "putrid" and "epistle" makes them sound smartsk. Well, gotta get back to work. Later, dude.

Internets: See you in another life, brotha.

Gleemonex: [sheds tear, does sad little terrorist fist-jab with Internets]

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