Monday, March 03, 2008

Movie Rule: George Thorogood

Use of any of the major or minor works of the George Thorogood oeuvre in any part of a movie or its trailer is grounds for automatic disqualification from me ever seeing said movie. Could a movie maker possibly get any lazier than to employ "Bad to the Bone" to signify badassery either earnestly (as in the case of the movie's hero or anti-hero as he suits up in black leather) or ironically (as in the case of, say, a chihuahua 'bout to go up against a Rottie)? Because what it actually signifies is: This movie was not so much "written" or "directed" as "assembled from a holey, smelly old grab bag of the tiredest, lamest, most annoyingly dull cliches of televisual entertainment of the last 30 years by the Skrip-Tron Corporation's Direct-o-matic 2000."



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