Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh kiss the world / Oh kiss the sky / Oh kiss my ass / Oh let it rock

Happy Festival of Ridonculous, y'all! Me and Mr. Gleemonex are totes rebels -- we're going out tomorrow night. Tonight, it's the usual -- hanging out with my mother-in-law in front of the teevee while all three of us rotate attempts to put Kid Gleemonex down for the night. (She's a Very Obliging Baby in general, but her Unhappy Hour lasts from about 7-9 p.m. daily. She just wants to stay up and party with us, dammit!)

So far, no flowers have yet arrived at my office, thus maintaining my perfect 34-year record of non-flower-getting, but the nice ladies at the wonderful Nas Coffee gave me a Ferrero Rocher bonbon thingie with my small double nonfat latte this morning, which was super kewl of them. Ya don't generally get that sort of thing at the Buck.

Drink some champagne for me, y'all, and dudes, remember: Don't propose today. Do it tomorrow, or next week or something. Just ... not today, mkay? Stay classy!

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