Monday, March 24, 2008

Hallucinations, or just a rather shaky grip on reality? You decide.

I have this problem with anthropomorphizing inanimate objects – I see faces in just about everything, from light sockets (obvious) to the little caddy that holds our electric toothbrush heads (it looks like it’s screaming in abject terror, especially when one of the brushes is removed – abject one-eyed terror! Ahhhhhhh!). So this pic, from lolcats, made me laugh like a lunatic.

The lunatic laughter, or at least the pitch and duration of same, may also owe a debt to the fact that Kid Gleemonex has awakened Mr. Gleemonex and I every two hours on the friggin dot for the last three nights in a row and I am RUNNING ON FUMES HERE, PEOPLE.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your continued joyful comments about babies makes me REALLY want to keep trying with the wife for one of our own.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Awww! In all seriousness: Kid Gleemonex is the awesomest awesome that ever did awesome. She's ridiculously cute, and sweet and funny and just something new and amazing every day -- I just figured nobody wanted to hear me babble about it all googly-woogly when they've come here for the hateration, you know? And she's generally a very good sleeper -- the occasional run of sleepless nights when she's in the middle of some terrifying growth spurt are just the cost of all that awesome. Buy the ticket, take the ride. :-)

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, we're definitely gonna take the plunge...we're deaf and blind to all precautionary measure when it comes to C. wanting a baby. She can't wait to get her hands on one...seriously. So, regardless of what you say, I'll soon be "payin' for my raisin'."

5:19 AM  

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