Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bet you could see THAT on the dradis.

Internets, I have my addictions, and one of them is Battlestar Galactica (how I'm gonna make it till the next season starts, in two-thousand-fucking-eight, I honestly cannot tell you). And there's this person on this show, a Viper pilot whose callsign is Helo, who has like a tractor-beam quality about him -- he draws the eye, he holds the eye, he makes a lady think unclean thoughts, oh yes he does. I couldn't find a usable picture that did him justice, but anyway it's better to see him in motion, ya dig?

And so I'm obviously not the only one ... I just found an offhand reference to this guy as a "nine-foot-tall slampiece." I laaaaaaaaaaaaaughed and laughed when I read that in the MBTV recap of the season finale ep, cause -- yeah. Exactly.

Caprica [Six] protests that it shouldn't be possible. Cylon psychology is based on projection, not shared tripped-out freak-ins. Athena's like, "I'm a commissioned officer in the Colonial Fleet married to a nine-foot-tall slampiece from Caprica, large as life and twice as natural, with whom I have a preposterous child. Six impossible things before breakfast, lady."

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