Friday, January 10, 2014

You can wear my clothes!


So the actual date is past, I am 40 now, and it is: Completely OK. I always have liked the round numbers better than the nines, and the sevens better than the fives. In fact, here are some of my favorite age numbers, JUST as numbers, regardless of the state of my or anyone else's life at that time: 33, 17, 42, 6, 54, 92, 71, 88, 40, 32, 77, 27, 60, 104.

Anyway. I had a great, great, GREAT party (one of our band weekends, a one-nighter actually, with Mr. Gleemonex and a small handful of our oldest, dearest friends and all of our kids around somewhere, mostly staring at Apple devices; early-90s theme for costumes and setlist), was not dreadfully hung over the next day (just tired, since we rocked until almost 2:30 a.m.), and have spent a whole lot of time appreciating just how full and blessed my life really is and how undeservedly but terrifically lucky I am. This is a pretty goddamn good way to enter one's fifth decade on planet Earth, and I am so, so grateful for it all.

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