Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"I like to have people over." Yes, for weeks at a time. OMFG.


Gosh, this was nearly twenty-two years ago ... makes me feel old to think of that much time gone by!

Presented Without Comment: A Few Cherce Lines From the Letter My Randomly-Selected Roommate-to-Be Sent Me the Summer Before Kollege

I feel guilty after stagnating all senior year.

I'm Chinese, although I prefer to pass myself off as Hawaiin since people think I'm Filipino.

I like to train, & plan to install lots of sports equipment & a pullup bar in our room.

And don't worry, I've taken the trains for 6 years & only been mugged once.

I'm a pretty intense person.

I'm bringing rollerblades, a softball glove, sewing machine, ice skates, tennis racquet ... I think that's it.

But I can sleep thru anything.

Since I hate beer, I like to keep a bottle of blush wine around.

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Anonymous 12 said...

Hooooooooo, this was the PERFECT thing to read on a really long week's Friday afternoon. I am CRYING.

You know, I have already forgotten what my dead father's voice sounds like, but I CAN HEAR HER read these lines.

"I'm a pretty intense person." Rilly? Tell me more!

I remember that sewing machine! Oh, the threatened sports equipment installation! And blush wine -- sassy AND sophisticated!

I cannot imagine the despair you must have felt upon receipt of this missive. Oh, if only the creature did not have such Google-unfriendly name; what hijinks must she be up to these days.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

hahahahahaaaaaaa! Oh, Twelve, I am so glad you of all people saw this. THAT BITCH BE CRAY!

The even funnier thing is, I did not have any idea that this would portend such madness ... before I met her, I thought of *myself* as a pretty intense person. How little I knew, alas ... And God hell yes, I wish she were googleable -- I'm dying to know how many kids she and Tücker have now. [LOL X 1000]

3:36 PM  

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