Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Main Reason I Am On Facebook


The total randomness of the potpourri of people from all parts of your life ...

A List of People Who Liked and/or Commented on My Recent Throwback Thursday Pic (a Back-to-School Pic From 1990)

-My mom
-My sister
-My elementary-school gym teacher
-Thirteen co-workers from four different jobs
-My high-school boyfriend
-My high-school crushariffic crush
-Six high-school classmates with whom I was not particularly close
-Five of my sister's high-school classmates
-My husband's high-school girlfriend
-A person I became friends with when we both rode the same commuter bus
-My sister's college classmate whom I've met once
-My high-school BFF/Lab Partner's husband
-One of my new "mom friends" (whose kid and my kid are BFFs)
-A blogger I've never met IRL but feel like we were BFFs in a parallel universe
-My late father's best friend
-My husband's high-school friend
-My sister-in-law
-My other sister-in-law
-A best friend and bandmate who now lives in flyover country
-My college roommate & eventual bridesmaid
-A bowling buddy from back when we used to toss stones every Wednesday ($1 beers!)
-My mom's grade-school best friend
-Three college friends
-The waitress from our favorite Mexican restaurant y cantina, whom we got to know pretty well in seven years of spending mostly every Sunday afternoon getting trashed there
-My mother-in-law
-My junior-high best friend who moved away to Kansas in 8th grade
-My husband's best friend from all through school, who was his best man at our wedding
-My first cousin (15 years older than me) whom I never knew all that well as a kid, but whom I am really enjoying getting to know now
-A new friend I met through our daughters' being in the same dance class, but whom I consider friend friend instead of just mom-friend

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Blogger francine said...

this perfectly explains my love/hate relationship with fb.

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