Monday, January 27, 2014

It was while we were putting up the decorations for this that Berwie explained to me that the Extreme song "More Than Words" was about BJs.


Y'all, I'm pretty sure you think you had a prom, but if you look at this, you'll understand: *I* had a prom.

This is the bunch I went with to the junior prom. We had one of the moms* drive us to Ft. Worth in her minivan, and then had pooled our babysitting/Dairy Queen cash to hire a limo to take us from our motel rooms to the event site (a "ballroom" at Tarrant County Junior College, aka TacoJocko). The theme, which was selected by me and pretty much strong-armed into place over any thoughts anyone else might have had in the selection process, as was my wont in those days: City Lights. The dress I wore** is one of the most awesome garments I have ever known, including the 24 years since this photo was taken. Lab Partner and Berwie would have and should have been in this pic, but they went separately with a wild crew from a neighboring town (only juniors and seniors from our school were allowed to attend, so the boys they brought spent the actual prom time getting shitcanned at the Sandbagger, if I recall correctly). Ahh, kids. Good times.

* I think it was the blonde girl right next to me in purple, whose mom, a couple of months prior, also let a bunch of us drive that minivan, alone, the TEN HOURS overland to Lubbock to the state finals basketball tournament to watch our HS boys' varsity team get fucking crushed by a real HS boys' basketball team. 
**It was a clingy black sequined sheath with spaghetti straps, under a 3-foot-long black fringe that hung from the very top. Hard to describe, but OH I LOVED IT. 

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Blogger francine said...

Hold on, I can't type because I'm laughing so hard...

5:36 PM  
Blogger francine said...

These captions are everything to me right now because I'm not on FB but feel you just described a bunch of mutual friends. HOW did you escape the poofy dress and get such an amazing one? I need to see a full-on, clear photo of this! I need to send you a pic of a dress I got at Thrift Town for NYE that would fit in perfectly in this photo...

10:31 AM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Girl, I know we know some of the same people, in the alternative-universe fashion of having never met each other, right?

I escaped the poofy dress by having my poofy-princess-dress phase back in junior high when we had no proms, ha! By this time, I was trying to be Sophisticated and Urban, which: hahahahaaaaaa

I think I have a pic of the dress -- hang on ...

12:01 PM  
Blogger Sarah Brown said...

"Sweet girl, posts recipes on Facebook" is cracking me up every time I say it myself again.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Hee. :-)

11:04 AM  

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