Thursday, January 23, 2014

Currently, in this one building, the standings are: Volts, 3; Teslae, 4.


A very California thing is currently underway.

Mr. Gleemonex is getting pressured to join a co-ed fraternity: the people at his work who own all-electric cars. The building has four charging stations in the parking lot,* which there is apparently a lot of jockeying about for (in a convivial way; there's this whole system of if you need to charge up, leaving your plug door open so that when the person using the charger is done, they'll plug yours in, and etc.). His pals who already have electric cars are kind of driving him nuts about it, and it does look like we'll make the leap soon.** And but so he said they were working on him the other day, trying to get him to join their ranks and even up the model numbers at the charging station, something like, "Come on, man -- you gotta join the Volt crew, we can take those Tesla boys!"

*Never mind that the building next door has a whole bunch of chargers available (he works for, ah, some kind of a fruit company, if you get my drift, which company has a LOT of buildings in this part of the world). It's California -- nobody walks, even to the adjacent parking lot, if they can help it.
**Our Prius is in great shape but is 7 years old and has 90K miles on it, plus if you get the electric car now, you can get a sticker that lets you use the HOV lane alone, which would do wonders for Mr. G's commute.

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Blogger francine said...

Okay, so there is an old theater by my parents' house that used to be the "in" tween/teen hangout back in my day but that is now an old person/little kid matinee hangout. And the area isn't particularly progressive. I mean, there used to be a cafe staffed by the ex-prison population but that was about it. Anyway, they have about 10 charging spots available for electric cars! So random. Because I know all electric car users are at Alamo Drafthouse in the first place.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

It's the first sign a place is going Hip ...

1:21 PM  

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