Monday, May 20, 2013

An MC to a degree that you can't get in college

So out of the blue, I recently decided to request my official college transcript; I couldn't remember my GPA, I wasn't sure when/if I made the Dean's List, I just wanted to see the actual titles of classes I took. Just a fun trip in the wayback machine, with the added benefit of tying down some of those disconcertingly flappy memory-corners blown around by the winds of time, you dig? They responded within a week, and therefore, the first in a four-part series:

Things About and Around My College Transcript: 1992 - 1993 

--Christ did I work hard for that B-, the first such low-ass grade in my entire academic life, in Major Topics in Asian Civilizations: East Asia. Also I was an hour late for the three-hour final -- overslept after a night of studying -- not that the extra hour would have helped me much, since it ended up barely taking me the two remaining hours to write down every goddamned thing I'd managed to cram in my head from this class (which covered thousands of years each of the histories of China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam -- fuuuuuck). 

--Lookit me go, with the A+ in Masterpieces of Western Art (aka Art Hum)! It kicks the ass of my lowered-expectations B in Masterpieces of Western Music (aka Music Hum), I will tell you that.

--How bout that A in Race & Ethnicity in American Politics, a 3200-level class? Goddamn right! Which I guess is how I returned home for the summer with a really, super incredibly more superior knowledge of the world than my poor sad provincial parents, amirite?? But on a serious note: This was my first real unbiased, non-agenda-based exploration of these kinds of topics -- the Bed-Stuy riots, abortion, unionization, all kinds of deep shit -- and it was genuinely, honestly valuable and eye-opening for me. One of those life-changing, perspective-altering classes, sincerely.

--I'm gonna go ahead and blame the drop from B+ to B- from semester one to semester two of my two-linked-semesters science requirement -- Mind, Brain and Behavior (Fall '92), Sense and Sensory Perception (Spring '93) -- on the fact that I was taking the latter with Mr. Gleemonex, who was a distraction in and out of class. Shatner yeahhhhh was he a distraction, y'all.

--The rest: Nice raise in Lit Hum from fall to spring (B+ to A-); I passed PE, yay!, by virtue of showing up pretty often to the 7:30 a.m. aerobics class I took; and apparently I was committed to taking the exact number of credits required for a full-time student (by contrast: my eventual roommate/eventual bridesmaid, now known as Twelve, generally took at least double that number every Shatner-loving semester. Daaaaannnng.).

--Dean's List, yo! 

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Anonymous Jane Ann said...

Started out a #11 and finished a solid #21.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Ha! Me too ...

4:16 PM  
Blogger francine said...

impressive! i went from straight a's to having to do weir d psych experiments to get from a d- to a c to pass psychology. once i got to the subjects in my particular school and major it was all straight a's again but i had major probs settling into school. and not staying up all night with boyfriends. and making it to class. and not being scared of going to class. i swear some other entity inhabited my body from 1996-2000. she didn't do too poorly at the tail end of things but man, did she ever fall off the good grade making wagon. so much i could've learned! i wish i could go back now at 35 and not waste all that money on an 18 year old idiot.

9:19 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

I did weird psych experiments to get money for beer. Heh.

And I was pretty much off the good-grade-making wagon; I would have DIED about a B- in high school. I would've died about anything less than an A+, actually. But then I achieved my goal -- going to the college that I got into -- and from then on, the pressure was off. If I got good grades after that, it was because the class was fun as hell and/or easy. Goodbye, youthful ambitions ... hellooooo coastin' time.

11:26 AM  

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