Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Ben, kids! Parliament!

Meditations Upon a Young Man Wearing a Baseball Cap, Riding a Packed SFO Long-Term Parking Shuttle Bus Quite Late of a Weeknight Evening

"Sick Pig." Well, that is original. Off-putting, yes, but original.

Does he know that is what his hat says? I am thinking of Engrish, which never fails to reduce me to helpless tears of laughter, the slight guilt of which is greatly leavened by my certain knowledge that if I were to attempt to create signage in a foreign language, my efforts would reduce the native-speaking reader to helpless tears of laughter, so. However. To the point. He is a non-white person, possibly of Hispanic or maybe Middle Eastern origin, but almost always and especially in the SF bay area, it is not a safe assumption to make, the assumption as to whether a person knows English, regardless of the person's look or presentation.

Really, that is QUITE off-putting, the more I think about it. "Sick Pig." Why to put such words on your hat?

Generally one would not think of the "Sick Pig" hat-wearers of the world as having the means or motivation to travel by air in a long-term fashion, would one? Are they not more like unto the juggalo type of human subspecies than to the rest of us vacationers, funeral attenders and businesspersons? But this young man -- traveling alone, not with some team of fellow Sick Pigs -- is otherwise dressed fairly unremarkably. Conclusions again refuse to be drawn.

And why does a hat like that immediately set in motion such a complex web of elitist socioeconomic prejudices and assumptions in my head?

The writing. It is off-center, white embroidery on a solid black baseball cap, almost entirely on the right side of the meridian as I regard it. This fact annoys me almost as much as the words themselves do. We cannot be having off-center writing on our hats. It is just Not Done.


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Blogger francine said...

i don't think i've ever had a good shuttle bus experience. i used to have to do a lot of them alone late at night and my favorite (not favorite) time was when "with or without you" came on and it was just me and the shuttle driver, alone, at night, driving to a near empty parking lot to get my car.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Guinness74 said...

A quick Google search may solve some of your conundrums, i.e. http://www.sick-pig.com/index.html

It's not what you imagine. It seems to be apparel for athletic events, although the "About Us" page seems to be a bit vague about the origins of the term "sick pig."

In other news...GO RED SOX!

2:27 PM  

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