Friday, April 06, 2007

Potpourri Friday

Random thoughts that didn’t quite gel into whole posts this week:

Potent Potables
If you read this blog, you are likely to enjoy a wee cocktail or four, and to know people who also indulge. So you should buy this book about booze, by my friend Ian Lendler, because it is hilarious, full of fascinating historical tidbits, and can be read straight through or in the open-to-a-random-page method — I promise you it is really that fucking good. You should probably buy three or eight, so you’ll have extras to give as gifts to all your alkie friends.

If you have the opportunity to see the Fab Faux live, or just to hear them (they were on Stern a couple of weeks ago), you absolutely owe it to yourself to do that. It’s a bunch of guys from the Conan and Letterman bands & some friends of theirs, who play the later Beatles oeuvre live — the way the Beatles never did, because they stopped touring in 1966. The Faux do it note- and sound-perfect (there’s a guy whose job is to say “Numbah … nine. Numbah … nine.” when they play Revolution 9, for example), often going through an entire album start to finish. It is fucking fantastic. PS: Ignore the 1997 website design; they’re musicians, not web designers.

TV Trivia
Friday Night Lights is the best show on television, and a heavyweight contender for best TV show in the history of ever. If you’re not watching because you don’t like football, pull your head out of your ass, wipe the shit from your eyes, and start watching this fucking thing.

Musical Maestros
Why the fuck are Sloan and Fountains of Wayne playing on the same goddamn night in San Francisco? Don’t you happy assholes know YOU SHARE THE SAME AUDIENCE? Slooooo-oooan! Slooooo-oooan!

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Blogger srah said...

Yes, why are Sloan and indeed?

There's still football in Friday Night Lights, though, right? I can't watch it because I am too busy doing the busy busy things in my life that happen on Wednesday nights. Like falling asleep on the couch. *returns head to comfy comfy ass*

1:00 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Yeah, there's still football -- a sport for which I have absolutely zero care (and a great deal of comptempt at the NFL level) -- but it's not the point of the show. I wouldn't harangue the Internets into pulling their heads out of their comfy asses for nothin, yo!

1:09 PM  

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