Monday, March 03, 2014

Makes me actively wish for Global Thermo-mooooo-clear War.


Y'all know that noise from the old Hanna-Barbera-style cartoons, that percussive noise I've always called in my head the "lickety-split" noise? Where a character is trying to beat feet somewhere real quick-like, but for a few seconds, they're stuck in place while their eyes bug out and their legs just pedal uselessly in a cloud of dust and/or other legs?

I fucking hate that noise. It drives me out of my goddamn tree, and it always has, since my earliest memories. Total rage-trigger.

So it is especially unfortunate that my kids' new favorite show, a computer-animated ball of suck called "Tickety Toc," features this noise on the reg. Multiple times per episode. In between this christing cow character's christing "moo" wordplay (e.g. moooovelous, moooootivation, a-mooooo-zing, etc. forever), that is. I had thought that the worst thing was to find oneself staring into the fathomless void of Dora the Explorer's eyes as she waits for you to repeat "las estrellas!", feeling the dread and angst of all life and knowing the cold bleak infinity that lies beyond.

But no, it's that fucking lickety-split noise, followed by some asinine remark by Tommy or Tallulah, capped with "abso-moooooot-ly!"

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Blogger francine said...

i cannot stop the laughter at this. for reals. the cow on mickey mouse clubhouse is also the most horriblest thing on the planet. we've now moved on to an equally obnoxious show that has only about 10 episodes so we've watched each one precisely 300 times (paw patrol on nick jr.). and i know the noise of which you speak. i feel like sometimes there are bongo drums involved.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Oh god, I just found out this cow's name is Madame Au Lait. Kill kill kill stab stab stab die.

Nick junior is FROM THE DEVIL

1:00 PM  

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