Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Don't do me like that

Hhhhhooohhhhhhhhly shitballs was that crazy. Are y'all doin like I am, just kind of walking around in a daze of relief and eye-blinky random giggling? Do you just have so much more time on your hands now that all your political tumblrs have slowed down for a little bit? Faaaaaaaaaahhhhck. Whew. Jesus.

I mean -- Internets, I was all set to cancel my fam's trip to Texass over Xmas. No offense, Francine (BTW how come I can't see your blog anymore? No love? Invite me, invite me!) -- but the day before this hallucinatory bogmonster shitshow of an election, I was like, If that fucking motherfucker shitweasel assclown wins there's no way I'm going to that redneck backwater piss-head state ever again. They're not getting a GODDAMNED DIME of my godless homo commie librul fascist money and they can fucking SUCK A DICK. My family wants to see me, they can get on a GODDAMNED PLANE and come to CALI-FUCKING-FORNIA where I am FUCKING STAYING FOREVER. 

It was violent inside my head, I'm telling you.

And now it's all snickerdoodles and bookstores and things will be Okey-Dokey, y'all. Thank Shatner, whom I never doubted for an instant.

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Blogger francine said...

i'm here! i'm here! i haven't posted in forever and i just made it all privatey and stuff 'cuz there's nothing new there. i need to get off the facebook is what i need to do and just put my shit back on the blog. and don't bother coming to tx now. it's like 80 degrees here and the bumpkins are all talking about secession. it's probably 80 degrees because the heat from my facial rash of embarrassment is heating up the entire state.

7:39 PM  

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