Monday, November 05, 2012

One millisecond of brilliant light, and we're vaporized!

A few things I'm pretty much gonna be doing all the time now: 

--Staring at -- no, gazing in rapturous wonder at -- our new windows. We're in the middle of replacing the flimsy, gappy, craptacular ones that were part of the original 1971 install at our house, and y'all ... I never knew how much I could love a window. I thought this was about energy efficiency and such. But. They have trim! They're clear! And so quiet that they make me feel like the silent-drape-runner-obsessed chick on Twin Peaks! It looks like people live in this house now!

--Adding a shit-ton of Old Bay seasoning to everything but desserts. And even desserts had better watch out, because madre de los primos de cristo y todo los santos en las guantes de las bibliotecas is it the greatest thing in the history of ever.

--Having anxiety freakouts complete with the sweaty fantods every time I think of tomorrow. (Note today's date. Add one. FREAK THE FUCK OUT. Tremble, cry, read 538 and try to fucking BREATHE.)

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