Monday, October 15, 2012

A party *I'll* be attending, a party *she'll* be attending ...

So I am about to go to my 20-year high school reunion, and Mr. Gleemonex -- bless his heart -- is taking one for the team, coming with me to stand around nodding politely as me and all the churchy teabagging Republicans I used to go to school with talk about Olden Tymes.

Well -- they didn't used to be teabagging Republicans, that I'm aware of, although ever' last one of us was pretty churchy (irony: I was among the churchiest, and now I've been apostate since August of 1992! yay education!).

In excellent news, my good pal Lab Partner and her husband will be there THANK ALL THE GREAT AND SMALL SHATNERS -- she, too, married someone from the Outside, so our fellas will at least have each other to hang with during this undoubtedly boring-as-fuck exercise. Lab Partner, btw, has this laugh -- this always-vibrating-just-under-the-surface hilarity -- that sets me off into hysterics very very easily; she and I get along like a house afire, and I am very much looking forward to seeing her for that and all the usual friendy reasons. It looks like Berwie is gonna punk out on us (dammit! but srsly, Berwie, I understand your reasons and I hope we get together sometime before the 25th reunion yo), so I will miss seeing her and her fam. I might get to see Lita Fajita, she of the mutual obsessions (we were into: Andre Agassi, Twin Peaks, baseball, etc., to a rather unhealthily intense degree), but if she does decide to show up, we're going to have to avoid politics, because she seems to have gone as far right as I've gone left. Boooo!

According to what I can glean on the Facebooks, the other attendees from the Class of 92 appear to include: 

--At least two grandparents
--At least one person as lefty as I am (with whom I bonded on FB, after 20 years out of contact, re: love of Maddow)
--Several people whose teenage children pursue hobbies requiring the use of firearms to kill wildlife
--At least four people on their third marriage
--At least three other people besides me who have infants under the age of one
--A clutch of teachers and at least one genuine high school principal
--At least five people out of the 101 in our class whom I have nofa king clue who in hell they are

More thoughts on this as the day and hour approacheth, I am sure.


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Anonymous Jory said...

G, did you grow up LDS / in an LDS community?

12:24 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Jory!! Hey man!

No, Cowburg was mainstream protestant -- basic Methodists (my family), Baptists, Church of Christers. There was one Catholic church and one LDS family in the town, who had to go to the next big town over to get their worship on. Now it's chock full of those nondenominational breakaway evangelical churches, a species I have no wish to become further acquainted with.

The demographics of my HS class are mostly the kind you'll find in any small town where there's not a whole lot of economic opportunity and people tend to marry/procreate young and stay where they were first planted.

1:05 PM  

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