Monday, August 06, 2007

One-legged man wins ass-kickin contest

There is a special place in hell for scalpers. I struck the motherfuck out trying to get Stevie Wonder tix this morning — at 9:59:59, I refreshed the Ticketbastard page, selected my tix, and hit “buy.” And within 45 seconds, I was fully and finally DENIED. Friend, who also struck out, sent a craigslist posting to me at 10:05 — some scumsucking cocksmoking fucktard was already asking twice the face price for the $99 Gen Admission tix. Die in a fire, assholes.

Soooo ... sorry for the lack of posts lately — took a few days off to hang with Ma Gleemonex, in town for a quick visit before she jets off to Scotland for two weeks. She’ll be back when Kid Gleemonex is born, so I did not get too horribly sad when she left (like I usually do) — I miss Ma Gleemonex, living half a continent away, doncha know.

So — where else have I been?

1) In the bathroom! (I’m at the stage where I gotta pee like every 10 minutes, yay).
2) Getting my ass kicked by the sheer volume of work at my day job — two huge projects, both of which should’ve been done by now but got derailed through no fault of mine, so I’m still in the thick of them, plus a half-dozen smaller but also crucial projects that keep getting pushed back by the two majors … ugh.
3) At Kaiser! In the last week, Mr. Gleemonex and I have been to a regular prenatal appointment, a 3-hour Newborn Care class, a full day session on how to birth a baby, and a “fun” half-day doing my 3-hour glucose test (after which I looked like a junkie, cause you get needle-stuck four times).
4) Having a baby shower thrown for me! (good food, good people, lotsa fun — but EXHAUSTING).
5) Watching Deadwood! (Which has allowed me to keep my sanity through all of the above, god bless 'em).

Back to work, you!

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Blogger Panda!!!! said...

On numbers 2 and 5:

I think I'm involved with one of the larger projects, which NEEDS TO END!!!!

I hope you're also watching "Flight of the Conchords" because it is fantastic!

2:31 PM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

re: #2: yes you are, and YES IT DOES. Oh my GOD.

re: #5: well ... we tried a couple eps, and found it to be Tenacious D Lite, so it didn't make the cut. Sometimes, them's the breaks.

9:06 AM  

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