Friday, August 31, 2007

im in ur reer-vu mirror, steelin ur leed

Beautiful series between the Yankees & the Red Sox just concluded last night with a 5-0 Yankees win — completing a badly-needed sweep for my boys. Awww yeah! They’re still 5 games back, but the series took a nice chunk out of Boston’s lead in the AL East, and now we’re up in the wild card race as well. Numbers aside, it was just three really exciting games of baseball, the best kind, the kind that only really happens between these two teams at this point in the season. It’s good to be a fan.

And but so the most awesome bonus part was, Curt Schilling was the losing pitcher! Jesus BALLS, how I hate Curt Schilling. You know how I, like, hate lots of stuff? Well, I hate lots of individual baseball players a real lot in very violent ways, but the pinnacle, the absolute tip-top of Hate Mountain, is always reserved for Curt “Dickwad In An Ass-Helmet” Schilling. Anything that causes him pain (real pain, not bullshit Rit-dye-on-a-sock stuff) feeds life-giving nectar to the sooty chambers of my coal-blackened heart.

Meanwhile, an image search for this post led me to my favorite Internets discovery of the summer: lolyankees. Helpless, helpless laughter — please go there today! And thanks in advance to Chris, the blog’s proprietor, for the image I snagged — you, sir, are a national treasure.

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