Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, suck me sideways.

Like my homeslice bgirl, I try to keep the politics off my blog, mostly because all I can do is sputter deranged-sounding diatribes that, while true, and honestly felt, do my side no credit at all — for nuanced analysis, y’all should read the rather brilliant offerings of my other homeslice, the Hip Hop Lawyer.

But sometimes the molten lava just breaks through the solid crust, and I have to leave off talking about, say,
comic strips I hate but which hold me in thrall, or desperate social maladjusts, or bands that totally rule. Like today (and yesterday) when I’m reading about Il Douche's veto — again — of the embryonic stem cell research bill.

This semi-retarded pisswad loves, loves, LOVES to talk about his famous “respect for life,” ignoring — as he expects us to — the lives of the already-born, particularly if they are female or dark-hued of skin or didn’t get into and cruise through Yale instead of Viet Nam because their daddy was the director of the C.I. Motherfuckin A. The utter hilarity of hearing him say that "Destroying human life in the hopes of saving human life is not ethical” almost makes up for how FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS that statement is, coming from the Salesman-In-Chief of the hopeless bloody boondoggle that is Operation Kill All The Brown Ones And Take Their Oil, No Matter How Many Of Our Soldiers Get Cut Up And Used As Chum.

So: Let me put it to you slowly and clearly, shitheel:

1.) The embryos you’re talking about are the embryos that will go unused by the fertility patients for whom they were created.
2.) These embryos that will go unused are going to be DESTROYED — no babies will be grown from them under any circumstances ever.
3.) Therefore, unless they are donated for stem cell research, they can be of no use to anyone.
4.) If they are allowed to be used for stem cell research, they can potentially be of great help to humanity, both the already-born and the yet-to-be-born variety.

THAT’S respecting life, you fucking halfwit.

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Blogger bgirl said...

This all sounds so logical, right? So even if the fucking halfwit vetos the bill, the Congress would surely have enough votes to pass it through, right?

Let's just say he's not the only fucking halfwit.

6:41 AM  

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