Monday, April 16, 2007

Soon to follow: the Summer of George

Spring in San Francisco is an odd beast. We don’t really have a winter — just slightly lower average temperatures, more rain (or, rather, “rain”), and wind — and because it’s sunny all the time, you barely notice that the trees are bare and there aren’t many flowers. But then one sunny, honestly if briefly warm April midday, you notice — hey! All the trees are loaded with bright green leaves! And blossoms! And it’s real sunlight, not that weird glittery slanted sunlight! I’ll be damned!

And so because your eyes are suddenly adjusted, you start noticing other things — such as the brave, cheery new coffee shack having its grand opening in this forlorn, unsexy street-level corner of the Bechtel building, in a space formerly occupied by some grim no-name 7-11 ripoff that sorta looked like the undeniably grim Bechtel’s very own version of Place To Get Caffeinated Stimulant Product Without Leaving Building. Styrofoam Cups, Non-Dairy Creamer Only.

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