Monday, April 16, 2007

It was a pleasure to burn.

Pretty much the best gift anyone can give me ever is a bookstore gift card. It’s not impersonal — to me, it says, “I know you very well, and I know that shopping for books is your favorite non-travel-or-booze-related activity in life other than reading books — go, friend Gleemonex, and do that which you most love!”

So, my mom gave me $50 on Amazon for my birthday in January. I got so many books for my bday and xmas that only now do I need a fresh armload — and I just got my order! Wanna see?

The Children of Men: Never have read PD James before (thought she was a he, in fact). I like shit about dystopian futures, and species-wide infertility intrigues me in a strange way, so here we go.

The Player: Great movie, have heard it’s a great book. We shall see …

Don’t You Forget About Me: Contemporary Writers on the Films of John Hughes: OK, so I’m a little miffed that they didn’t ask me for contributions to this — I wrote several very awesome papers on just this theme in college (I’m particularly proud of the one about “Nowhere Teens,” referencing Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and the far lesser light Some Kind of Wonderful, for the senior seminar “Suburbia and its Cultures”), and have long cultivated a theory that the Golden Age of Teen Movies began with Fast Times (1982), ended with Dazed & Confused (1993), and reached its zenith in the one-two-three punch of Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller, and The Breakfast Club). But still, fun reading for during my commute.

JPod: a Novel: Dougie Coupland, frankly, has me by the short hairs. Generation X and Microserfs are two of my favorite books ever. I’ve skipped a few — Girlfriend in a Coma could not sustain the rabid interest generated in me by its excellent title — but the ones I love, I really really love. Hoping this one is one of those.

How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time: (pre-ordered, comes out later this month) Because it really did change my life, this magazine, and I want to hear other people talk about how fucking awesome and different and kickass it was.

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Blogger bgirl said...

My husband just finished JPod (he's a huge Dougie fan as well). One day while he was reading it, I happened to glance over his shoulder to see:
XXXX = soon as ...YYYou. Or somesuch, sprawled in giant font across the page. That's when I knew that I would never get Dougie.

But I like e e cummings. Huh.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Gleemonex said...

Heh! It's those text semi-non-sequiturs that I love, the marginalia, the almost-random stuff that somehow fits so perfectly into the story -- strange and different from most of my usual taste. Whereas I totally don't understand e e ... big ol' world out there. ;-)

9:08 AM  

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